Story Riders is back, the event now in its fifth edition, with the patronage of the Municipality of Torchiara, the Province of Salerno, the Campania Region and the Cilento National Park, which transforms Torchiara into the land of stories. For three days, from Friday 4 to Sunday 6 October, representatives of the world of theater, cinema, literature and art and journalism will alternate in the hall of mirrors of the Palazzo De Conciliis to tell their stories on three central themes : female creativity on the first day, redemption on the second day, and “slow tourism”, the Unesco theme of the year. The kermesse will conclude the awarding of literary stories sent from all over Italy to the Common People competition, organized as part of the event, together with a re-creative writing workshop.

“With this event – says Alberto Zobbi, President of the cultural association Ergo South who organizes the event – we have tried to give life to a cultural event that through words, writing, cinema proposes the ancient pleasure of telling, with the different tools of which man has ”. In recent years, literary and journalistic greats have participated, such as the unforgettable Luciano De Crescenzo, the writer Marcello Veneziani, the director of Rai 2 Gennaro Sangiuliano, the Confindustria Director of Communications Alfonso Ruffo, Maris Martini, the Cardinal’s sister, Don Virginio Colmegna President of the House of Charity, and many others.
This year the program includes other notable appearances: for female creativity Lina Sastri will intervene on the eve of her new show that will debut on October 10th, the artist Carla Viparelli, fresh from an exhibition organized for her in Los Angeles, and Cinzia Leone winner of the Rapallo Literary Award with “Ti rubo la vita”. Armida Parisi del Roma and Giulia Cerasoli of Chi will comment on women’s stories of the first day.

The theme of redemption could not ignore the experience of the children of the Rione Sanità in Naples who will be told by Chiara Nocchetti and some of them. The director Luca Rosini who will comment on the screening of his film “The Paranza of Beauty” with Don Antonio Loffredo, the great architect of the “miracle” of Health: that is, to have ripped the boys off the street and made them work in the recovery of their neighborhood, transforming it into one of the tourist attraction poles of the city of Naples. Similarly, Massimiliano Capalbo will narrate a similar experience lived in Calabria with heretical enterprises created by young people in difficult environments.

The last day will be remembered Michele Prisco in his travels by his daughter Annella, who will linger also bringing a nostalgic note, on the memory of the slow travel of a time with his father. The journalist Marcello Napoli with the critic Francesco d ‘Episcopo, will tell of the years of the poet Alfonso Gatto exiled in Sardinia in a sort of forced tourism. Raffaele Aragona returns with Cinzia Dato, who this time will talk about the journey of an Englishman from London to Paris to arrive in Naples in the shadow of the Volcano. The event will be closed by the actress Eliana Miglio, who will present and award the winners of the Common People Competition, reserved for writers and photographers.

The re-creative writing workshop, whose participation is free, will be held by Raffaele Aragona and Daniela Fabrizi, of the Potential Literature Opificio, which foresees the possibility of producing poetic and literary works regardless of inspiration and based on rules instead logical-mathematical. Creator of the event Angela Riccio, who after a life spent in Milan as a communication manager, left the city for the Cilento, where she restored the historic Borgo Riccio home, family property, opening it to hospitality.

“Even this year – explains Angela Riccio – we have tried to give life to a cultural event, but also a fun and tasting event for great wines and excellent Cilento cheeses. An appointment that through words, writing, cinema and music proposes the ancient pleasure of telling, with the different instruments available to man. Telling of oneself, of one’s time. And maybe tell, especially to those who are not lucky enough to live there, the beautiful land of Cilento, a UNESCO heritage site “.

Frequented by intellectuals and politicians, Borgo Riccio’s living room has become a laboratory of thought where cultural projects to promote and enhance the entire Cilento National Park are discussed and launched. And precisely from the preview of Story Riders at the end of August the project “Percorsi d’Arte Contemporanea” got underway, which will enrich permanent installations, curated by international artists, the towns of the Cilento hinterland, close to the coast from Paestum to arrive in Sapri.