Paestum | Agropoli | Castellabate

Paestum, the suggestions from Magna Grecia

The tour continues to the archaeological site of Paestum: that was one of the richest and most flourishing Greek colonies of Southern Italy The naturai setting is wonderful, surrounded by megalithic walls, and it houses the golden profile of the temples, the best preserved temples over the world, where the Greek architects have left among the highest and most
powerful expressions of wisdom, skill and taste.”
Possibility of wine tasting in a typical Cilento winery.
Dinner at a charming restaurant in front of the lighted temples of Paestum.

Agropoli, Cilento’s gates

Agropoli has a great history to teli, traced in its historical center, perfectly preserved, which stands proud on a hill inhabited since Neolithic times.The old heart of the city is a triumph of narrow streets, small houses carved in the rock, steep little stairs diving into the blue of the facing sea. The castle was built in the fourth century A.D. and it used to be the home of Luisa San Felice, unaware heroin of the Neapolitan Revolution. The historical center is enriched by two important monuments: the Church of Santa Maria of Constantinople, protector of fishermen, and the tempie devoted to St. Peter and Paul, built on Early Christian foundations. You can then embark to Punta Licosa and visit the beautiful Cilento Coast and even enjoy a pleasant lunch on the boat.

Castellabate, UNESCO Towns and sirens of Cilento

Visit to Castellabate, a magnificent village situated at 287mt. Above sea level,founded between XI and XV centuries, this feud became the most important in Cilento.
The old town has perfectly preserved the structure of a typical medieval citadel.The high light of this hilly village is the Basilica of Santa Maria de Gulia, which was built in the XII century. The village became even more famous further to the popular italian movie “Welcome to the South” (Benvenuti al Sud). Do not miss the view of the sea.

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